4 Reasons Why People Should Use Solar Energy

There is so much to say about the growing popularity of using solar roof panels. Those who are using these devices know the benefits that these panels can offer. Solar power has been around for a few decades now but it was only in the last ten years that significant progress to the technology has been achieved, and the panels became cost-effective and affordable enough for the ordinary American to be able to install it in his own home.

Those who have purchased solar panels have known of those benefits. Why else would they have bought them? But others are unaware of the advantages of using solar power. For those of you who don’t, here are some things going for solar technology, aside of course from the financial benefits.


Solar power is free and it is available everywhere. The sun shines everywhere on this planet. Even in extreme places, the sun shines, at least on average, the same amount of time that it shines on other places. It is because of this ubiquity that solar power has been so popular. A free source of energy that you can access everywhere given the right tools. Solar panels the size of a phone can be mounted on a backpack to provide solar power on the go for the adventurous. And of course, an array of solar panels mounted on the roof of a house can supply a significant portion of that home’s electricity needs, reducing the reliance on grid electricity and lowering bills.


Solar power is a green source of energy. It is called “green” because it has no emissions whatsoever. It does not give off greenhouse gases like methane and carbon dioxide. It also doesn’t emit poisonous fumes such as those given off by smokestack industry fuels like coal. It doesn’t have any radioactive residues and byproducts like that of nuclear fuels. In other words, it is very good for the preservation of the current environment, and for preventing climate change.


Using solar power can lead to an increased usage of underutilized areas. Since the sun shines everywhere, any land that is vacant, and fairly flat and obstruction-free can be used to host an array of solar panels. Just think if deserts can be turned into solar power farms. Arid land can now be used for something other than a source of sand. And with the development of solar cells that can extract water from the air, the reclamation of desert areas may not be a pipe dream, after all.


Solar technology will drive business and create jobs. With California being the first state to implement a law requiring new buildings to install solar panels, the market is set for a big change. A lot of jobs are projected to come into the state with the increase in demand for solar-related products and services and technology will improve even further. And it pays to have a company that has years of experience assist you in your solar project. For everything from ground-mounted installations to solar roof panels, check out Soleeva, the top solar company in San Jose and the Bay Area. Head out and schedule your consultation.


How to locate a leak on your roof?

Here are steps to identify a lead and fix your roof:

  1. Take a look at the attic

If you can do an inspection in your attic, you can easily identify whether there are any roof problems. Since the attic is dark, you need to grab a flashlight and do the inspection. During the attic inspection, you need to look for the signs of mold, water stains or black patches.

In case if you are living in a town home and if you don’t have an attic, you can do a roof inspection. Then you will be able to notice whether there are any damages. But of you don’t own the house or if you are living in a condo, you can ask the property manager or the landlord to do it. They will take appropriate steps to fix the issue for you.

  1. Do a rain dance (Artificial Rain)

If you cannot find the leak in your roof, your next hope would be to make it rain. Well, it’s easier if you can get the help of someone and climb onto the top of the roof with a garden hose. Then you will be able to make it rain. It is better if you can ask your helper to get onto the roof and pour water with the garden hose. Then you can stay under the roof, while locating roof leaks. Once you see a drip, you should take a note of the point.

When you are inspecting the roof with artificial rains, you should check one part of the roof and go to another. This will take time, but you will be provided with amazing results in the long run. That’s because you will be able to identify all the leaks that need repairs.

  1. Go for the roof repairs wherever possible

Once you are done with locating roof leaks, you should check whether you are in a position to get them fixed on your own or not. Here are some of the quick repairs, which you will be able to do on your own.

  • If there are damaged shingles on your roof, you can replace them on your own. All you have to do is to remove the nails that hold the shingle in place, take a new one and replace it.
  • To fix the leaks found around window edges, vents and chimneys, you can think about applying caulk. This will help you to cover up all the gaps.
  • You can also fix the damaged vent boots on your own. The replacement parts can easily be purchased from the local hardware store. It is better if you can replace the rubber washers if the existing boots as well.

  1. Seek professional assistance

All the roofing contractors that you can find in your neighborhood will not be able to assist you with roof repair services that you need. Therefore, you need to select few service providers and carefully go through their company profiles. This will help you to get a better overall understanding about the service that you can get from the expert at the end of the day.


You need to see if the roofing contractor is licensed and insured such as Watertite Roofing serving Natick, MA. This guarantees the quality of service offered. Then you need to see how long they have been in the industry. If the roofing contractor has been serving people in your neighborhood of a long period of time, you can go ahead with the services offered without thinking twice. That’s because there’s a high possibility for you to get an outstanding service.


You must also go through customer reviews. In fact, you need to stick to a professional service provider, who has been able to maintain a strong customer reputation throughout the past.

Metal vs. Asphalt roofs

The materials used to make metal roofs usually contains more than 25 percent of recyclable material. In addition to that, the metal roof as whole is 100 percent recyclable and it has a low weight so shipping it is easy.

roof materials

Most of metal roofs are made of any of the following metals, aluminum, copper, zinc, stainless steel, galvanized steel or galvalume coated steel. As for asphalt roofs they are made of crude oil, fiberglass, mineral filler something like silica or limestone, and gravel. Some asphalt roofs do tear during manufacturing and during re-roofing.

This roofs are not 100 percent recyclable like metal roofs but the asphalt roof wastes can be re-used in road construction projects.